Thursday, 21 June 2007

Who Rules?

Some days back I was reading a Linux vs Windows debate on an Orkut Community. the debate started with this YouTube Video:

After reading half way through the posts, I decided I had to speak out my view, so I posted this:

Linux can perform these graphic wonders at a meagre 256MB RAM whereas Vista requires atleast a Gigabyte for its Aero which gives nothing..

For ppl who are saying Windows is more user friendly, u got to tell me why ppl are downgrading their machines back to XP from Vista? And all those guys praising Windows how many of you have actually bought a copy of Windows?? 90% of you are using a pirated copy.

Your praises are all because Windows has been shoved down your throat ever since u knew what a computer is. U have never known the power of linux. You have never know what freedom of choice is. U r stuck with daily dose of updates that fixes ur OS patches. U R stuck with just FAT and NTFS. U R stuck.

The Linux users have broken free from the bondage. The are free to choose.. free to innovate..

Everytime someone tried to speak the FACT they were ridiculed and laughed at until it was proved otherwise. TRuth Happens.. and it will be seen.

"First they ignore you..
then they laugh at you..
Then the fight you..
Then you win."
- mahatma Gandhi